Social Media Mindset

icecream-2Everywhere I look these days in the coaching groups and forums that I am a member of people talk about mindset being the most important step in self improvement and growth.  If you don’t have the right mindset you will be holding yourself back, you won’t allow yourself to realise your full potential.

I’m a big fan of working on my mindset.  I’ve learned the importance of positive thinking this past year and realise now how much having a positive outlook on life really helps.  If you are stuck in a low mood and convince yourself that only bad things will happen to you then you’re probably going to be right.  Whereas if you try and make your own luck, be grateful for every good thing in your life and really focus on the positive and celebrate every small win (and I mean EVERY small win no matter how small) then you’ll see more good being welcomed into your life.

This applies to every part of your life.  Family, relationships, health, self acceptance, work, friends, social media – everywhere.  If you are of the negative mindset that social media is

– hardwork
– a time suck
– a waste of time
– pointless
– never going to make any difference to your business
– too frustrating / complicated / confusing

Then you’re probably right.

However, if you decide that you are going to think positively and really see the benefit in social media for your business then I’m confident you’ll see a huge shift in your success.  Go about your social media for business in a methodical ad planned way.  Celebrate every new follower, every comment and every positive interaction.  Give yourself rewards for each new person who signs up to your newsletter list.  Be grateful for each and every new customer.  Be excited about the 5 minutes a day you’re going to spend on twitter.  Make every moment count.

You’ll see a huge difference in the way people interact with you AND to your bottom line.

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