Black Belt Social Media Master Class –6-Week Self-Study Course

Does internet marketing paralyse you with fear of the unknown?

You know you need to do something to get your business out there, but you have no idea what.

It’s time to stop missing out killer advertising opportunities, customer recommendations and a massive audience.

Social media doesn’t have to be scary or difficult.

Enter my Black Belt Social Media Master Class. In six weeks, you’ll learn how to explode your business using social media and online tools.

The Modules

Week 1: The set up. We’ll make sure you have the basics in place: website, mailing list, opt-in, sales funnels, social media profiles – and we make sure they are persuasive and professional.

Week 2: The content. Here, you’ll learn why a content strategy is hugely important, what kind of content to create (to play to your strengths), how to create awesome images, what and when to share, and with whom.

Week 3: The specifics. A more detailed look at each social media platform, which are right for you, and specific tips for excelling on each. We’ll talk dos and don’ts, plus advice on how to handle refunds, problems with products and more.

Week 4: The strategy. We’ll start to build you your social media strategy. This will show you where and when to post for maximum effect. We’ll look at best practices and what NOT to do to grow your business.

Week 5: The implementation. We’ll pull together your social media strategy and begin to implement – a detailed content calendar, blogging schedule and social media calendar, which you can use going forward.

Week 6: The tools and reporting. It’s not enough to have an awesome online marketing strategy, you need to know how to measure and monitor. We’ll look at the best tools to schedule and report on your social media and make sure your business is growing according to plan.

Each module is delivered via email weekly, with worksheets and exercises to complete in your own time. (Each week, plan to spend two to three hours on materials.)

What you walk away with:

  • The knowledge and skills to turn your business into a machine, the kind that makes you millions.
  • A plan to grow your mailing list from okay to incredible
  • The know-how to build a tribe of raving fans
  • A complete sales funnel generating leads

Investment: $297

YES I am ready to make growing my biz my

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Make Growing the Business Your Top Priority In 2015

At the end of the 6 weeks your business will have grown in a way that can be measured in concrete stats. You’ll have more exposure, more mailing list subscribers, more customers, more orders coming in.

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YES I am ready to make growing my biz my

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

After helping so many clients over the years, I’ve learned how to truly give you the goods on online marketing and social media.

So if the first week goes by and you’re not happy with the course, simply get in touch for a full refund and surrender your spot to the next person in my waiting list.

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