How to find content that will get shared online


How do you sift through the mountain of data that is the Internet and find only the best content for you? I’m not sure about you, but I usually have to have my news ready and waiting for me as soon as I pick up my tablet (which is 2 seconds after waking up each morning).

My first stop is almost always Flipboard (which you can download for free on most mobile devices). One of the best things about Flipboard is that it feels very much like a digital magazine. It’s very colorful, with many pictures, and interesting news and articles on over 30,000 topics (that you, of course, get to choose from, in order to make your Flipboard more personalized). But my absolute favorite thing about Flipboard is that it includes your news and updates from your Facebook, so that you can see all of your favorite content in one place. Make sure to also check out The Daily Edition, a new feature that allows you to get your morning roundup of all the most important news in one place.

Feedly is another favorite tool of mine, although I only started using it in the wake of the – at the time – devastating discontinuation of Google Reader. After doing some research, Feedly looked like the best option out there to replace it, and boy, did I turn out to be glad for the death of Google Reader after all. You can access Feedly both on your desktop browser as well as download the Feedly app for your mobile phone or tablet. The way Feedly works is pretty simple – if you want to follow specific blogs or websites, simply search for them and add them to your feed. If you’re not sure what blogs to follow for the best stories, simply look through all the topics available and select whichever websites or blogs look best for you. You can then separate all of your sources into categories, which makes it much easier to browse through all of your sources (at least if you’re like me and keep subscribing to more blogs than you can handle).

Although both Feedly and Flipboard allow for easy social media sharing (I’m not sure there are any content curation tools out there that don’t allow for social sharing), is a tool specifically made for finding content to easily share on your social media accounts.   It’s perfect for anyone who wants to establish a presence online and especially great for businesses. Once you set up your account you select what types of stories and topics you’re interested in, you can start curating and publishing immediately.

If you want to stay on top of everything interesting and popular on the Internet, then I would recommend you check out Reddit. Start with the Reddit Front Page, where you get everything from important news from around the world, to interesting facts, and funny memes and videos. You might find yourself getting lost in the Front Page, but I encourage you to explore other topics as well, as there are countless sub-reddits available that cover almost any subject imaginable – whether it’s something serious like world news or politics, or maybe something funny like the “shower thoughts” subreddit, there’s something for everyone.

These are only some of the great content curation tools out there (and my personal favorites), but I would also recommend checking out, for creating your own online newspaper, Pinterest for curating interesting visual content and The Tweeted Times for keeping up with the best stories shared by your Twitter friends, as well as for creating your own online newspaper to share on your Twitter account. What are your favorite content curation tools?


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