Declutter your social media. RIGHT NOW.


Stop whatever you are doing and listen for a few minutes.

I am a big fan of decluttering – in all areas of my life.  If you spend some time and get rid of clutter in your life that is not adding anything positive to you then you make space for abundance and other awesome opportunities to come to you.  This applies to ANYTHING.  I decluttered a relationship with a friend last year that although we had been really close for years, suddenly wasn’t making me feel good.  When I moved away from her I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from me, and this made way for more new friends to come into my life.

Decluttering clears you of negative energy and shows the universe that you are ready for the next step.  I love a good declutter, whether it is of clothes, toys, books, friends, or negative memories.

Today we’re going to help your social media accounts grow and welcome abundance into them by decluttering your social media world.  Are you ready?  Here’s what to do.

1 – Twitter

Look through the list of people you are following.  Do you really interact with them?  Use a tool such as Manage Flitter to weed out people who are inactive.  If you are no longer interested in what they have to say unfollow them.

2 – Facebook

Look through your friends list.  Who makes your heart sink on there?  Who posts negative stuff and complains all the time?  Either defriend them or look at muting their posts so that you don’t have to see them in your timeline.  Get rid, make space for all the awesome new clients and friends who you will be connecting with here.

3 – Linkedin

What groups are you a part of that you don’t join in with?  You can either decide that you want to be more involved or leave the group.  Negative energy is wasted on being parts of groups that don’t interest you.  Leave the group, join another or start your own!  This is a great way to interact with your customers.

4 – Pinterest

Do you have a business or personal account?  It may be time to split the 2 up if you have one account that you are using for both.  Be laser focussed on your business account, don’t be distracted with pictures of puppies and cakes (unless you have a puppy cake business of course)

What other ways can you think of to declutter your social media?

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