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Declutter your social media. RIGHT NOW.


Stop whatever you are doing and listen for a few minutes.

I am a big fan of decluttering – in all areas of my life.  If you spend some time and get rid of clutter in your life that is not adding anything positive to you then you make space for abundance and other awesome opportunities to come to you.  This applies to ANYTHING.  I decluttered a relationship with a friend last year that although we had been really close for years, suddenly wasn’t making me feel good.  When I moved away from her I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from me, and this made way for more new friends to come into my life.

Decluttering clears you of negative energy and shows the universe that you are ready for the next step.  I love a good declutter, whether it is of clothes, toys, books, friends, or negative memories.

Today we’re going to help your social media accounts grow and welcome abundance into them by decluttering your social media world.  Are you ready?  Here’s what to do.

1 – Twitter

Look through the list of people you are following.  Do you really interact with them?  Use a tool such as Manage Flitter to weed out people who are inactive.  If you are no longer interested in what they have to say unfollow them.

2 – Facebook

Look through your friends list.  Who makes your heart sink on there?  Who posts negative stuff and complains all the time?  Either defriend them or look at muting their posts so that you don’t have to see them in your timeline.  Get rid, make space for all the awesome new clients and friends who you will be connecting with here.

3 – Linkedin

What groups are you a part of that you don’t join in with?  You can either decide that you want to be more involved or leave the group.  Negative energy is wasted on being parts of groups that don’t interest you.  Leave the group, join another or start your own!  This is a great way to interact with your customers.

4 – Pinterest

Do you have a business or personal account?  It may be time to split the 2 up if you have one account that you are using for both.  Be laser focussed on your business account, don’t be distracted with pictures of puppies and cakes (unless you have a puppy cake business of course)

What other ways can you think of to declutter your social media?

The 3 steps to be successful selling online

Everyone knows that if you have an amazing product or service one of the best ways to sell it is to promote it online.  Everyone is online these days (well, maybe not quite everyone) but I bet that most of your customers spend some time each week on Facebook, twitter, google and reading emails online.  If so then you need to be able to compete in the online market and sell to them.

Generally people don’t like to feel as though they are being sold to.  The beautiful thing about social media and online marketing is that you can engage with them in their own space, you can build a relationship with them, you can position yourself as the expert in your field, you can chat to them and you can get to know them and they will then want to buy from you.  You don’t have to rely on cold calling phone calls to try and promote your business to them.

Most of my customers are not in the same country as me.  I have customers in Europe, UK, Australia, Africa, USA and Canada.  I would not have had the chance to work with most of these people if it wasn’t for the fact that I have built and promote my business online.  I do a lot of face to face networking in my local area and idk up customers that way but I’d say that over 95% of my customers come through my online promotion of my services.

If you want to be successful selling online there are 3 things you need.

1 – something to sell.

You need a product.  There are a lot of new business entrepreneurs our there who are awesome at what they do, who have so much to offer to their customers but they haven’t drilled this down into a product.  If you are going to make sales you will need a specific product or service that is packaged in the way that makes it irresistible to your ideal customers.  Whether this is a coaching course, a done for you service, a physical product, an ebook – there are many ways you can share your expertise but you need an actual product to sell.

2 – somewhere to sell it.

You need a website.  A really basic one will do to start with but if you want to promote your product online you need somewhere for that product to live.  You need somewhere that people can see your product and decide whether its right for them.

3 – someone to sell it to.

This is where the social media / digital marketing comes in.  You have an amazing product or service that is displayed on your website for everyone to see and buy.  But unless you get eyes on you website how are you going to sell it?  Social media drives traffic to your website. That is the main purpose of any digital marketing campaign.  You need people to visit you website and buy from you.  While social media can’t guarantee the sales it can guarantee the eyeballs on your site.  The rest is down to you.



How to find content that will get shared online


How do you sift through the mountain of data that is the Internet and find only the best content for you? I’m not sure about you, but I usually have to have my news ready and waiting for me as soon as I pick up my tablet (which is 2 seconds after waking up each morning).

My first stop is almost always Flipboard (which you can download for free on most mobile devices). One of the best things about Flipboard is that it feels very much like a digital magazine. It’s very colorful, with many pictures, and interesting news and articles on over 30,000 topics (that you, of course, get to choose from, in order to make your Flipboard more personalized). But my absolute favorite thing about Flipboard is that it includes your news and updates from your Facebook, so that you can see all of your favorite content in one place. Make sure to also check out The Daily Edition, a new feature that allows you to get your morning roundup of all the most important news in one place.

Feedly is another favorite tool of mine, although I only started using it in the wake of the – at the time – devastating discontinuation of Google Reader. After doing some research, Feedly looked like the best option out there to replace it, and boy, did I turn out to be glad for the death of Google Reader after all. You can access Feedly both on your desktop browser as well as download the Feedly app for your mobile phone or tablet. The way Feedly works is pretty simple – if you want to follow specific blogs or websites, simply search for them and add them to your feed. If you’re not sure what blogs to follow for the best stories, simply look through all the topics available and select whichever websites or blogs look best for you. You can then separate all of your sources into categories, which makes it much easier to browse through all of your sources (at least if you’re like me and keep subscribing to more blogs than you can handle).

Although both Feedly and Flipboard allow for easy social media sharing (I’m not sure there are any content curation tools out there that don’t allow for social sharing), is a tool specifically made for finding content to easily share on your social media accounts.   It’s perfect for anyone who wants to establish a presence online and especially great for businesses. Once you set up your account you select what types of stories and topics you’re interested in, you can start curating and publishing immediately.

If you want to stay on top of everything interesting and popular on the Internet, then I would recommend you check out Reddit. Start with the Reddit Front Page, where you get everything from important news from around the world, to interesting facts, and funny memes and videos. You might find yourself getting lost in the Front Page, but I encourage you to explore other topics as well, as there are countless sub-reddits available that cover almost any subject imaginable – whether it’s something serious like world news or politics, or maybe something funny like the “shower thoughts” subreddit, there’s something for everyone.

These are only some of the great content curation tools out there (and my personal favorites), but I would also recommend checking out, for creating your own online newspaper, Pinterest for curating interesting visual content and The Tweeted Times for keeping up with the best stories shared by your Twitter friends, as well as for creating your own online newspaper to share on your Twitter account. What are your favorite content curation tools?


Why you need a content calendar

shutterstock_190422653Content marketing has been consistently proving itself in recent years as an efficient marketing method and is one that is adopted by more and more businesses and marketing specialists as a huge part of their marketing efforts.

So while that all sounds good enough, how does one go about creating a successful content marketing strategy? Without delving too much into it, one of the essential parts of a content marketing strategy is the content marketing editorial calendar.

Most people are tempted to start creating and sharing content and simply provide new content when inspiration hits – it might be a news story that is relevant to your business or maybe you’ve had a great idea for a new video. However this type of approach can only get you so far – content marketing is definitely an area of marketing that requires a strict strategy. Here are some of the main reasons why you should create your own content calendar before starting to create content:


If you want to get tangible results from your content marketing efforts, it is important to remember the significance of consistency. Publishing your content at completely irregular intervals is likely to put a damper on your success. With a strict content calendar in place, you will be able to stay on top of the exact dates when you are supposed to publish a new blog post, record a new podcast or create a new video, among others. Without a stricter schedule in place, it’s much more tempting to skip through creating new content when you believe you have more important things to do, for example. However with a content calendar in place (that you check regularly, of course!), you will always get enough notice to create any new content before it needs to be published.

Make sure to create a publishing schedule that you will realistically be able to keep up with and then you won’t be able to make any more excuses as to why you can’t write that new blog post this week!

Content Ideas

One of the best things about creating new content calendars is that your team gets to spend more time together and think of ideas. It’s not only a great bonding exercise for the whole team, but you’re also more likely to think of new, exciting ideas that you might not have otherwise considered.

Coming up with all these content ideas in one sitting with the team has another benefit – it allows you to save time. This way you won’t have to spend long hours browsing and trying to come up with an idea each time you want to publish something new.

Naturally, this begs the question, what do you do when you need to write about breaking news for example? The beauty of a calendar is that it’s not set in stone, and you can always make adjustments to get the best out of your content marketing efforts. Make sure however to alert the whole team to any changes you’ve made to the calendar.

Assign tasks

If several members of your team are part of your content creation process, than a content calendar can help save you from any mix-ups. When creating the calendar, make sure to assign each task to the desired team members and then share the content calendar with all the members of your team. This way everyone is clear on what they’re supposed to do, and when they’re supposed to get it ready by.


When you create a content calendar, you can also take the opportunity to make sure there is diversity in your content publication. This way you’ll know that you haven’t created any new infographics in a long time, or that you really should throw in a photo or a video amidst all your blog posts. The more diverse you are with your content, the more you’ll be able to keep the audience interested in you and keep them coming back for more.

Content marketing editorial calendars are essential parts of any content marketing strategy. Do you use content calendars? How have they impacted your work and success?

Written by Ioana Rosca

Facebook ads

I’m testing out a new Facebook ad this weekend to try and pick up some more newsletter subscribers, what do you think?


Social Media Circle

Superhero kid

I’m really excited about my new social media circle membership site that launches on Friday this week.  The idea is to work with as many entrepreneurs as possible who are feeling frustrated with their social media and to help them focus and get some great results in just a few minutes a day.

The format of the club is going to work like this :

When you join you will receive a user name and password to the website.  Once you logon you will have access to the 4 week social media mastermind class as well as any of the previous circle content.  Lesson plans will be sent out every other week and each month will have a theme.  So if you join in January 2015 you will have access to October, November and Decembers content.

As well as this I’ve promised that any other content I create will be free to the circle members.  So that includes new courses or products.

Its going to be pretty exciting.  The beta testers for the social media mastermind group got some great results and I know that anyone who joins will too.

See you there? 



My to do list

todoMy work to do list for between now and 4th August looks like this:

– continue managing social media for current clients
– finish 1 big graphic design project and 1 website project
– tie up loose ends with 4 additional clients who expressed an interest to start in August
– get testimonials from the 15 people who are beta testing my social media course
– finalise name of course
– finalise pricing of course (it has more than doubled in size form original concept!)
– make any changes as suggested by the beta testing feedback
– send over to editor for checking
– set up sales page – on my site or another site in itself?
– record course videos (this one fills me with fear as I dislike my voice)
– set up affiiliate scheme
– promote through my lists, forums and facebook ads

On a personal front I have to do the following:

– move house.  Me and 4 children.  100 miles.
– unpack
– build furniture, decorate, make it into a home
– chase school places for the children
– say goodbye to the area we’ve lived in for the last 10 years.  Make peace with the history here and forgive.
– finish my personal website
– photoshoot for my personal website
– write my story

This is where I start to hope that there is at least 3 months between now and 4th August.  There is, right?

A brand new challenge

shutterstock_148706063I do love a challenge and this is one like no other.  One of my existing media agency clients has given me a new customer account to manage today.  This one has 0 social media presence.  No twitter, no facebook, no google plus and a brand new website with no blog.

One of the reasons that I love what i do is that it is totally transparent. There is no hiding – the customer can see exactly what I’ve done for them, each and every day.  I enjoy working like this – it focuses me and means that I achieve great results for my customers.

This one though, is going to be a challenge.  A brand new challenge.  I’ll let you know in a month how I’ve done for them, and some of the techniques I’ve used.

New clients

How exciting to be able to announce that we have taken on 2 more clients for our Social Media management packages.  We’ll be starting off managing their twitter accounts for them, with a view to generating lots of traffic to their websites and engaging with their ideal customers.  Their twitter followers currently stand at 80 and 117 respectively with minimal engagement.  Lets see where we can get them to in a month shall we?