8 things you should really know about twitter, but maybe don’t


Twitter is one of the biggest #socialmedia platforms out there, and also one of the most misused.  A lot of people are put off by the fast paced nature of the site, and also because of the ease of setting up anonymous accounts which are used to troll other users.

I believe that every business should have a presence on twitter.  It is a huge piece of your online marketing puzzle and even if it never acts as your main source of website referral traffic, it is not one that you can ignore.  Here are 8 things you should know about twitter:

1 – As a general rule you should not follow more people than are following you.  This is difficult to start with but begin by following 20 people and monitoring the response.  Don’t be afraid to unfollow those who don’t follow you back within a couple of weeks.

2 – Be inspired by your competition. Have a look at what they are doing on twitter and learn from them.  Set your targets based on their targets to begin with.  Wanting a following of 100,000 people when the leader in your sector only has 10,000 people is not a realistic goal

3 – Tweet often.  Up to 10 times a day at least if you can.  Make it a mixture of sales posts, conversations, RTs and replies to other people.

4 – Have conversations.  Reply to people, say thank you for any interactions you have with them.  If someone follows you, say hello.  If you are RTd by someone then say thank you.  Be polite and courteous and converse with as many people as you can.

5 – Use lists.  Make lists of people who you want to remember.  Such as a list of social media tweeters, or people in your local area.  Lists are a great way to engage with more people without having to follow more and more of them.

6 – Tweet images.  People love pictures.  Brand them so that they have your website on them and you are then guaranteed that if the picture is downloaded that it will still be credited to you.

7 – Keep it short.  If you want your tweets to be RTd then keep them to under 100 characters to allow space for the RT.

8 – Share valuable content, both yours and that from other sources.  Blog posts, podcasts, interviews etc.  Directing people back to your website through sharing content is the best way to grow your mailing list and your customer base.

There is much more to twitter than meets the eye, by keeping it simple and starting off small you stand the best chance of staying the distance.  I’m @kerrierycroft on twitter, come and say hello.


Why your business will suffer if you don’t invest in coaching


Business coaching, life coaching, social media coaching – it seems like there are many opportunities to invest in coaching these days, but is it worth it?  Like any other business expense, investing in a coach is something that you need to give serious thought to.  I have personally invested in a few different coaching packages over the last few months, not all of them successfully.

Working with the right coach will change your business in ways you never imagined.  Having the accountability of someone else being part of your journey and checking in with you, holding your hand, encouraging you and stretching you is priceless – if you get it right.

All of the top athletes have coaches as do most of the big businesspeople who are successful.  There seems to be a mental block in a lot of people’s heads about paying for a coach, some people think it means that you are not good enough – others don’t want someone else involved in their business.

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is lonely, there is no getting away from this.  Having someone to be accountable to can be one of the best decisions you make.

I offer social media coaching for those businesses who want to grow their online presence.  This is done either as a group or one to one.  I love getting on a Skype call with someone who is feeling a bit nervous about how they can grow their online business and breaking it down for them.  I see social media in manageable chunks, where as a lot of people see it as one big frustrating scary thing that can be a real time suck.  I love working with business owners and showing them just how simple it can be to use online modern marketing methods to grow their business, get new customers and more sales.

My advice to anyone looking to grow their business is to consider a coach but be sure to take the following into account.

Do the research, most coaches will offer complimentary calls where you can get to know each other and find out if you are a good fit.

Never feel forced into signing up for a coach, if they are not the right fit then move on and look for someone else.

Be clear about what you want to achieve from your coaching.

Be realistic about how much time you can invest in to the relationship.


Declutter your social media. RIGHT NOW.


Stop whatever you are doing and listen for a few minutes.

I am a big fan of decluttering – in all areas of my life.  If you spend some time and get rid of clutter in your life that is not adding anything positive to you then you make space for abundance and other awesome opportunities to come to you.  This applies to ANYTHING.  I decluttered a relationship with a friend last year that although we had been really close for years, suddenly wasn’t making me feel good.  When I moved away from her I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from me, and this made way for more new friends to come into my life.

Decluttering clears you of negative energy and shows the universe that you are ready for the next step.  I love a good declutter, whether it is of clothes, toys, books, friends, or negative memories.

Today we’re going to help your social media accounts grow and welcome abundance into them by decluttering your social media world.  Are you ready?  Here’s what to do.

1 – Twitter

Look through the list of people you are following.  Do you really interact with them?  Use a tool such as Manage Flitter to weed out people who are inactive.  If you are no longer interested in what they have to say unfollow them.

2 – Facebook

Look through your friends list.  Who makes your heart sink on there?  Who posts negative stuff and complains all the time?  Either defriend them or look at muting their posts so that you don’t have to see them in your timeline.  Get rid, make space for all the awesome new clients and friends who you will be connecting with here.

3 – Linkedin

What groups are you a part of that you don’t join in with?  You can either decide that you want to be more involved or leave the group.  Negative energy is wasted on being parts of groups that don’t interest you.  Leave the group, join another or start your own!  This is a great way to interact with your customers.

4 – Pinterest

Do you have a business or personal account?  It may be time to split the 2 up if you have one account that you are using for both.  Be laser focussed on your business account, don’t be distracted with pictures of puppies and cakes (unless you have a puppy cake business of course)

What other ways can you think of to declutter your social media?

The 3 steps to be successful selling online


Everyone knows that if you have an amazing product or service one of the best ways to sell it is to promote it online.  Everyone is online these days (well, maybe not quite everyone) but I bet that most of your customers spend some time each week on Facebook, twitter, google and reading emails online.  If so then you need to be able to compete in the online market and sell to them.

Generally people don’t like to feel as though they are being sold to.  The beautiful thing about social media and online marketing is that you can engage with them in their own space, you can build a relationship with them, you can position yourself as the expert in your field, you can chat to them and you can get to know them and they will then want to buy from you.  You don’t have to rely on cold calling phone calls to try and promote your business to them.

Most of my customers are not in the same country as me.  I have customers in Europe, UK, Australia, Africa, USA and Canada.  I would not have had the chance to work with most of these people if it wasn’t for the fact that I have built and promote my business online.  I do a lot of face to face networking in my local area and idk up customers that way but I’d say that over 95% of my customers come through my online promotion of my services.

If you want to be successful selling online there are 3 things you need.

1 – something to sell.

You need a product.  There are a lot of new business entrepreneurs our there who are awesome at what they do, who have so much to offer to their customers but they haven’t drilled this down into a product.  If you are going to make sales you will need a specific product or service that is packaged in the way that makes it irresistible to your ideal customers.  Whether this is a coaching course, a done for you service, a physical product, an ebook – there are many ways you can share your expertise but you need an actual product to sell.

2 – somewhere to sell it.

You need a website.  A really basic one will do to start with but if you want to promote your product online you need somewhere for that product to live.  You need somewhere that people can see your product and decide whether its right for them.

3 – someone to sell it to.

This is where the social media / digital marketing comes in.  You have an amazing product or service that is displayed on your website for everyone to see and buy.  But unless you get eyes on you website how are you going to sell it?  Social media drives traffic to your website. That is the main purpose of any digital marketing campaign.  You need people to visit you website and buy from you.  While social media can’t guarantee the sales it can guarantee the eyeballs on your site.  The rest is down to you.



Social Media Mindset

icecream-2Everywhere I look these days in the coaching groups and forums that I am a member of people talk about mindset being the most important step in self improvement and growth.  If you don’t have the right mindset you will be holding yourself back, you won’t allow yourself to realise your full potential.

I’m a big fan of working on my mindset.  I’ve learned the importance of positive thinking this past year and realise now how much having a positive outlook on life really helps.  If you are stuck in a low mood and convince yourself that only bad things will happen to you then you’re probably going to be right.  Whereas if you try and make your own luck, be grateful for every good thing in your life and really focus on the positive and celebrate every small win (and I mean EVERY small win no matter how small) then you’ll see more good being welcomed into your life.

This applies to every part of your life.  Family, relationships, health, self acceptance, work, friends, social media – everywhere.  If you are of the negative mindset that social media is

– hardwork
– a time suck
– a waste of time
– pointless
– never going to make any difference to your business
– too frustrating / complicated / confusing

Then you’re probably right.

However, if you decide that you are going to think positively and really see the benefit in social media for your business then I’m confident you’ll see a huge shift in your success.  Go about your social media for business in a methodical ad planned way.  Celebrate every new follower, every comment and every positive interaction.  Give yourself rewards for each new person who signs up to your newsletter list.  Be grateful for each and every new customer.  Be excited about the 5 minutes a day you’re going to spend on twitter.  Make every moment count.

You’ll see a huge difference in the way people interact with you AND to your bottom line.

Sign up here for my new 5 day social media mindset course which launches 1st Feb and see how YOU can turn your mindset around.

Social Media is a waste of time


Many of my customers and other people I chat to online every day tell me that they are frustrated by social media.  That they feel that its a waste of time.  They spend hours every day on Facebook, they tell me, and don’t get any more business as a result.  It’s a total waste of time.

Many of them have not stopped to consider that they are going about their social media time the wrong way.  Social media for business needs to be managed in a totally different way than social media for fun.  If you are going on Facebook to chat with your friends, or sharing photos of your meals on Instagram then sure, I can see how you’d think this is a waste of time.  This to me is down time, its for relaxing – its for connecting with friends and chatting and doesn’t have a spefic purpose.  That doesn’t have to mean its a waste of time, we all need to relax – we all need to be able to switch off and whether thats done in front of the TV, while reading a book or on Pinterest it doesn’t really matter.

Downtime is downtime however you take it.  As long as you have a good balance in your life between busy time and downtime I don’t think anyone should feel bad about “wasting time” on social media.

But if you are running a business and want to get more customers and more business using online marketing methods such as social media, you need to approach it in a totally different way.  Here are 7 steps I recommend all my customers take with their online marketing time :

1 – Content strategy.  Decide what you are going to share on social media and when you are going to share it.  Are you going to blog, publish videos, make graphics?  Decide on your content before you try and build an audience.

2 – Look at your competitors.  Where are they active on social media, what seems to work for them

3 – Understand what your customers want.  Are they very active on twitter, do they follow a lot of Pinterest boards…

4 – Be consistent.  Decide on a content calendar and stick to it.  Post daily, weekly, multiple times a day – whatever works for you and your customers but stick with it.

5 – Be laser focussed.  Know how long you need to spend on each social media site each day and stick to it.  Set a timer if you need to

6 – Be engaging.  Don’t just broadcast your own content, have conversations – chat to people, join in.

At the end of the day if you are using social media for business correctly and with a focussed plan you will grow your business.  You will get more people to sign up for your mailing list, you will get more fans, more customers, more business and more money.  But like everything to do with business you need to have a plan, you can’t just log onto twitter and follow a few people and wait for the money to start rolling in.

So I don’t think that social media is ever a waste of time.  Whether you are using it to relax and chat to your friends or to grow your business online, just being aware of what your objectives are and why you are doing it will make it a valuable use of your time.


Top 5 mistakes you are making on social media, and how to stop!

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 18.53.32

I regularly review social media accounts for businesses and its interesting how the same mistakes appear over and over again.  It doesn’t seem to matter what industry you are in, or how long you have been running your business – its as though everyone is programmed to make the same errors when they try and promote their business on social media.

I’m a huge fan of digital marketing, obviously your time is a cost factor and if you choose some tools you will have to pay for a subscription but on the whole social media is FREE.  It is an amazing way of building your business from nothing and its like anything, if you know what you are doing you will find yourself wondering why you didn’t get the hang of this sooner.

I’m offering a free webinar next Wednesday to show you what the top 5 mistakes are that you are making on social media, and how you can stop it!


Pay what you can special offer – a case study.


I’m terrible for deciding to do things on the spur of the moment without planning them out properly, sometimes this works out for the best – but not always. I decided on Sunday 28th December that I would have a pre launch of my new course which goes live in January and invite people to pay whatever they could until the end of the year.

The reasoning behind this was :

1 – the last few years have been amazingly tough for me, I know what its like to desperately want to grow your business but not be able to feed your children. I wanted to give back. I wanted to support and help awesome women who were at their rock bottom financially.

2 – I wanted to manifest £1500 within a week to cover some business expenses.

3 – I wanted to test out the need for the course before I went into proper launch mode.


What did I do?


Sunday 28th December.


  1. I randomly came up with the idea while watching Breaking Bad. I’m fairly sure the 2 aren’t connected but just putting it out there, meth labs help me come up with awesome new ideas. Fact.
  2. I started by creating a sales page, in wordpress – just a normal page. I wrote from the heart and gave as much information as I could without blabbing on for too long.
  3. I posted the link to this page in a couple of FB groups and asked for feedback, I made amendments to the page based on the feedback that I received that resonated with me.
  4. At 6pm Sunday night just before I went out I posted in 2 facebook groups with the link.

I made my first sale at about 8pm Sunday night. This was my only sale for Sunday.


Monday 29th December


  1. I created a spreadsheet for all the people who joined to go on. I added 20 lines to it. I started to save people’s details on here as they paid.
  2. I realized that I couldn’t offer the group or VIP options like this so I removed them from the sales page and left it with the self study option
  3. I posted on twitter with a link to the page
  4. I posted on facebook, on my own page and on a couple of group pages.
  5. I send a message to everyone of my contacts on Linked in. This resulted in 1 sale.
  6. I sent personal messages in FB to people who I had engaged with recently but who had not been able to afford my services. This resulted in 1 sale.
  7. At 6pm I emailed my teeny tiny list and told them all about the offer.
  8. I did a lot of gratitude and forgiveness work (I’d had a rough evening on Sunday and needed to ground myself and get my head straight)

At the end of the day, I had sold a total of 5 places. 1 on Sunday and 4 on Monday.



Tuesday 30th December


  1. I hustled hard. I went all out. I randomly decided that I wanted 50 women to benefit from this and I told everyone I knew that this was my target number.   I changed my spreadsheet to make more rows to make space for all the awesome people who were going to join. I made 70 rows in total even though I thought that was way way overkill.
  2. I emailed my list again at 6pm and told them that there was only just over 12 hours to go. This resulted in 3 sales.
  3. I posted in more facebook groups, I posted on my own timeline, I hustled hard. In non promo groups I posted about how I was feeling and how the experience was going without links. This still resulted in sales. I made sure that the posts I put on my own personal profile were public posts so if someone saw me posting elsewhere on FB and clicked on my name they would see them on my timeline.
  4. I posted on twitter with different words and the same lnk.
  5. I emailed everyone who had joined a personal thank you for joining and told them what to expect next. I emailed them all as a group and asked them to please share the love and the link.
  6. I posted again on Linked in but in the public section rather than as a direct message to my contacts.
  7. I was HUGELY grateful for every single sale and said an out loud Wheeeeeee or eeeeeeeeepppppp whenever I found another email from paypal. I added everyone to the excel spreadsheet, and added the total to my manifesting spreadsheet so I could see how much I still had to go.
  8. I chased up anyone who had seemed interested in any of the posts on facebook btu who hadn’t joined. I sent them nice little messages that were non pushy but that asked for action. I had great conversations with them. I learned a lot about them.
  9. I had 3 people join my mailing list so I emailed them all individually and told them about the offer.
  10. I made sure to only check paypal once an hour and instantly transferred the money over to my bank account. I put the person who had joined on my social growth spreadsheet, added the amount to my manifesting spreadsheet and to my daily bank account sheet so that the amount in my bank matched the amount on my spreadsheet.
  11. I got in touch with the people whose products I was going to spend my manifested money on and asked them to send me invoices ready for me to pay.


At the end of the day I had sold a total of 35 places – 30 in one day!!!



Wednesday 31st December 31, 2014


  1. Again I posted on twitter and facebook and linked in about the offer. I posted on my own wall about how awesome it felt to be able to help so many people.
  2. I emailed my list at 6pm and said HAPPY NEW YEAR, only a few hours left.
  3. I was strict with someone who said they had no money and could they donate next week instead, boundaries are important to me and there has to be an end date on this offer.
  4. One of the people who had already joined asked if they could share on the Bschool forums. This resulted in sales.
  5. I posted in 2 facebook groups that had promo days available – both resulted in a sale.
  6. I made an image and put it on instagram saying 12 hours remaining.
  7. I kept a countdown going on one of the facebook posts with how many slots I had left.
  8. I messaged the final few people who had said they were going to join but hadn’t to remind them gently that time was running out.
  9. I carried on emailing everyone who had booked and asking them to share the offer, I carried on being OH SO EXCITED and grateful whenever I received a payment.
  10. I loved the conversations this raised, the facebook messages from people who were worried that £10 wasn’t enough. That they weren’t ready. I loved talking to people and helping them make the decision that this was or wasn’t right for them.
  11. This day felt slower, I was a bit despondant at one point but then I wrote a lit of 10 awesome things that I had to be grateful for as a result of starting this offer and I cheered up.
  12. I wrote this (well most of it anyway, apart from the bit at the end about how many I sold!) and that really cheered me up and made me see what awesome action I’d taken.
  13. I also emailed my mum and asked her to send out a pre written email to all of her contacts, she did so and sold 1 for me. Bless you mum, thanks!

At midnight I took the sales page down. In total over 3 full days and a couple of hours on another day I had helped 54 women to start their new year with a bang, and made £1545 doing so. That’s an average of £28.60 per donation which is about 9% of the product price. I’m totally happy with that!!


I just wanted to say a quick word about Facebook ads as I know this is a subject lots of you are interested in. My cost per click was 14p and 2% of those converted to sales. I spent £35 on the ad campaign and made £80 in sales from it. I would do a lot of things differently next time though on the ad front, but that’s another blog post!

How to find content that will get shared online


How do you sift through the mountain of data that is the Internet and find only the best content for you? I’m not sure about you, but I usually have to have my news ready and waiting for me as soon as I pick up my tablet (which is 2 seconds after waking up each morning).

My first stop is almost always Flipboard (which you can download for free on most mobile devices). One of the best things about Flipboard is that it feels very much like a digital magazine. It’s very colorful, with many pictures, and interesting news and articles on over 30,000 topics (that you, of course, get to choose from, in order to make your Flipboard more personalized). But my absolute favorite thing about Flipboard is that it includes your news and updates from your Facebook, so that you can see all of your favorite content in one place. Make sure to also check out The Daily Edition, a new feature that allows you to get your morning roundup of all the most important news in one place.

Feedly is another favorite tool of mine, although I only started using it in the wake of the – at the time – devastating discontinuation of Google Reader. After doing some research, Feedly looked like the best option out there to replace it, and boy, did I turn out to be glad for the death of Google Reader after all. You can access Feedly both on your desktop browser as well as download the Feedly app for your mobile phone or tablet. The way Feedly works is pretty simple – if you want to follow specific blogs or websites, simply search for them and add them to your feed. If you’re not sure what blogs to follow for the best stories, simply look through all the topics available and select whichever websites or blogs look best for you. You can then separate all of your sources into categories, which makes it much easier to browse through all of your sources (at least if you’re like me and keep subscribing to more blogs than you can handle).

Although both Feedly and Flipboard allow for easy social media sharing (I’m not sure there are any content curation tools out there that don’t allow for social sharing), Scoop.it is a tool specifically made for finding content to easily share on your social media accounts.   It’s perfect for anyone who wants to establish a presence online and especially great for businesses. Once you set up your account you select what types of stories and topics you’re interested in, you can start curating and publishing immediately.

If you want to stay on top of everything interesting and popular on the Internet, then I would recommend you check out Reddit. Start with the Reddit Front Page, where you get everything from important news from around the world, to interesting facts, and funny memes and videos. You might find yourself getting lost in the Front Page, but I encourage you to explore other topics as well, as there are countless sub-reddits available that cover almost any subject imaginable – whether it’s something serious like world news or politics, or maybe something funny like the “shower thoughts” subreddit, there’s something for everyone.

These are only some of the great content curation tools out there (and my personal favorites), but I would also recommend checking out Paper.li, for creating your own online newspaper, Pinterest for curating interesting visual content and The Tweeted Times for keeping up with the best stories shared by your Twitter friends, as well as for creating your own online newspaper to share on your Twitter account. What are your favorite content curation tools?


Using social media to grow your business

30daypicHave you ever wondered just how you could use social media to grow your business?  After all, everyone talks about it don’t they?  Digital marketing is one of the fastest ways to grow your business online, but you have to know what action to take and when to take it.

I’m putting together a course that will show you 30 ways to grow your business in 30 days using social media.  This will be going live in a week or so and is going to be very affordable at just £30.

More information coming soon…

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