8 things you should really know about twitter, but maybe don’t


Twitter is one of the biggest #socialmedia platforms out there, and also one of the most misused.  A lot of people are put off by the fast paced nature of the site, and also because of the ease of setting up anonymous accounts which are used to troll other users.

I believe that every business should have a presence on twitter.  It is a huge piece of your online marketing puzzle and even if it never acts as your main source of website referral traffic, it is not one that you can ignore.  Here are 8 things you should know about twitter:

1 – As a general rule you should not follow more people than are following you.  This is difficult to start with but begin by following 20 people and monitoring the response.  Don’t be afraid to unfollow those who don’t follow you back within a couple of weeks.

2 – Be inspired by your competition. Have a look at what they are doing on twitter and learn from them.  Set your targets based on their targets to begin with.  Wanting a following of 100,000 people when the leader in your sector only has 10,000 people is not a realistic goal

3 – Tweet often.  Up to 10 times a day at least if you can.  Make it a mixture of sales posts, conversations, RTs and replies to other people.

4 – Have conversations.  Reply to people, say thank you for any interactions you have with them.  If someone follows you, say hello.  If you are RTd by someone then say thank you.  Be polite and courteous and converse with as many people as you can.

5 – Use lists.  Make lists of people who you want to remember.  Such as a list of social media tweeters, or people in your local area.  Lists are a great way to engage with more people without having to follow more and more of them.

6 – Tweet images.  People love pictures.  Brand them so that they have your website on them and you are then guaranteed that if the picture is downloaded that it will still be credited to you.

7 – Keep it short.  If you want your tweets to be RTd then keep them to under 100 characters to allow space for the RT.

8 – Share valuable content, both yours and that from other sources.  Blog posts, podcasts, interviews etc.  Directing people back to your website through sharing content is the best way to grow your mailing list and your customer base.

There is much more to twitter than meets the eye, by keeping it simple and starting off small you stand the best chance of staying the distance.  I’m @kerrierycroft on twitter, come and say hello.


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