The 3 steps to be successful selling online

Everyone knows that if you have an amazing product or service one of the best ways to sell it is to promote it online.  Everyone is online these days (well, maybe not quite everyone) but I bet that most of your customers spend some time each week on Facebook, twitter, google and reading emails online.  If so then you need to be able to compete in the online market and sell to them.

Generally people don’t like to feel as though they are being sold to.  The beautiful thing about social media and online marketing is that you can engage with them in their own space, you can build a relationship with them, you can position yourself as the expert in your field, you can chat to them and you can get to know them and they will then want to buy from you.  You don’t have to rely on cold calling phone calls to try and promote your business to them.

Most of my customers are not in the same country as me.  I have customers in Europe, UK, Australia, Africa, USA and Canada.  I would not have had the chance to work with most of these people if it wasn’t for the fact that I have built and promote my business online.  I do a lot of face to face networking in my local area and idk up customers that way but I’d say that over 95% of my customers come through my online promotion of my services.

If you want to be successful selling online there are 3 things you need.

1 – something to sell.

You need a product.  There are a lot of new business entrepreneurs our there who are awesome at what they do, who have so much to offer to their customers but they haven’t drilled this down into a product.  If you are going to make sales you will need a specific product or service that is packaged in the way that makes it irresistible to your ideal customers.  Whether this is a coaching course, a done for you service, a physical product, an ebook – there are many ways you can share your expertise but you need an actual product to sell.

2 – somewhere to sell it.

You need a website.  A really basic one will do to start with but if you want to promote your product online you need somewhere for that product to live.  You need somewhere that people can see your product and decide whether its right for them.

3 – someone to sell it to.

This is where the social media / digital marketing comes in.  You have an amazing product or service that is displayed on your website for everyone to see and buy.  But unless you get eyes on you website how are you going to sell it?  Social media drives traffic to your website. That is the main purpose of any digital marketing campaign.  You need people to visit you website and buy from you.  While social media can’t guarantee the sales it can guarantee the eyeballs on your site.  The rest is down to you.



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