Your journey to becoming your very own social media superhero starts here.


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Are you ready?

If you’re anything like the businesses I work with now, you will be:

1 – an incredibly motivated entrepreneur who wants to make it big in their biz.

2 – Reeeeeeeaaaallly busy working on all the important biz type things you do

3 – In need of new customers, new leads, hits to your website and SALES 

4 – Frustrated / Confused or just generally stressed out with your social media

We all KNOW that we need to do social media in order to grow our business, don’t we?  But its a huge time suck and really, how can you see any Return on Investment from it? How can you justify those 3 hours a day you spend on Facebook and Twitter?

Social Media is hella powerful.  It has opened doors that just weren’t there to us 10 years ago.  And it is free.  Sure, once you get into it there may be costs involved if you take out ads and the time you put into it is a cost but really, its one of the few FREE ways that you can reach out, connect and engage with your ideal clients.

Have you ever advertised in a local paper or magazine?  Did you end up paying HUNDREDS for an advert that you don’t really know if anyone saw?  Imagine spending a quarter of that on a Facebook ad campaign and getting your advert in front of a TARGETED audience who you CHOSE based on their likes and other groups they were a part of.  Let’s do this!

Hi there, I’m Kerrie…..


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And I am here to help you get the most of social media for YOUR business, done YOUR way.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to social media, what works for one biz is a waste of time for another, and I can help you sort out what is going to be gold for you – and what you need to wave goodbye to in your quest for business brand brilliance.

I set up my first ever business back in 2005 while I was still working full time in the City, doing techy IT stuff on the trading floor.  Using social media as my only marketing tool I found my ideal clients and built a business that grew to almost 2 million pounds a year turnover within 5 years.

I want to work with you and show you how you can do the same.   Sounds interesting?  Then let’s get on with it.

I run an awesome social media circle which is a group training environment allowing lots of people to learn and grow together.  You get access to an awesome facebook group, a 4 week social media mastermind class that will show you how to be a social media superhero by just spending a few minutes a day on social media, a monthly topic with lesson plans and worksheets to go through and access to MY BRAIN.

Or if that’s not for you I can provide one to one training, coaching or I offer a full management service where I come along and do your social media for you.  Get in touch, lets chat and see how I can help YOU to use the power of social media to grow your biz.

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